Friday, September 14, 2012

Elevation Polish Yushan and Daisen

I have sooooo many manis to post here including my first nail art attempts but that all takes time and I'm lazy so here's a quicky from today that shows how I'm completely and utterly abusive to my hands. Elevation Polish Yushan was from the first round of releases and I love it to pieces and have worn it multiple times (a rarity considering how many polishes I own). Sadly it's discontinued now BUT a similar polish, Mount Yu, should be released soon! Yushan has a gorgeous blue shimmer that I couldn't capture because, well, I didn't try very hard and the sun wasn't listening to my schedule.
And my September Elevation order came in today and when I went to open the stupid small flat rate box it came in I managed to do this...
*sniff* I hate when I have to go down to nubs and I know it's my own fucking fault. Also ugh, my hands look way too old. Those are not 25 year old hands =( I've got to protect them better at work. But since I went through all that trouble to open the box I HAD to put on Daisen.
SUCH a pretty glitter. I don't even like pink that much but I HAD to have this. The formula is...ok. It seems like there might be too much base for the glitter since the glitter kept sliding off the brush but once it's on it's so gorgeous it doesn't even matter. I can't wait to play with it some more.

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