Saturday, March 31, 2012

Nail-Venturous! Humble Bee and Robin Laid an Egg

First, renamed the blog. Chose All the Lacquer from the awesome Hyperbole and a Half post everyone knows but I don't know, I wasn't really happy with it. Was listening to the radio and Kip Moore's Somethin' 'Bout A Truck came on (yes yes, I'm a country fan. A lesbian atheist country fan, we do exist) and I was like oh that's perfect so I changed it XD

But enough about that, today I'm showing a couple more from the amazing Amy over at Nail-Venturous. If you've been following the indies (and you know I have. How are these creators so awesome?) then you know she's the next big thing and everyone is vying for her polishes and she's selling out super fast and it's awesome! I was lucky to snag these two (and Pinkerbell which I still haven't tried) in her second to last etsy sale (picked up 3 more in the last one, just got the shipping notice as I was typing this so I'm super excited!).

I am such a sucker for these sparse glitters in various milky creamy bases (have Candeo Jellybean on now) so Robin Laid an Egg is perfect for me! Put one coat on over OPI Skull and Glossbones but it'll be easily opaque in 2 coats if you're not like me and don't need undies for everything.

The last one is mattefied because, well, we know my feelings on matte. Love how it turned out!

Humblebee is the neon yellow/green and black version of the famous Floam and I loooooove it! I wore this over Zoya Mitzi and a-England Lancelot (and you can see where I didn't totally let it dry before applying Humblebee and the red of Lancelot came through. Can you believe I don't have a pure black np? Just vampies that look black. I fixed that though, ordered a-England Camelot since Adina is having a 30% off sale on her site for Tristam's first birthday. Code is Tristam and you should so hit it up since all a-Englands are pure love) although tragically I didn't grab a pic of just the undies which is sad since it's a fun combo. I really like the alternating polishes look. I was wearing this at work and our night shift girl was like "Wow is that some special nail polish" and I was just like oh honey, let me tell you a story.

Nail-Venturous is pretty hard to get right now since they're in such high demand but refreshing and lightening quick fingers and absolutely no thinking or second guessing might get you some if you're around when she restocks. And you know you want some.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

SpaRitual Sacred Ground + Wet 'n Wild Bow in my Presence

Ok normally I try and post good pics of my manis taken with my shiny new camera (and yes it's still considered knew, I just got it at Christmas folks) but I neglected to take pics with it of this mani so you're just getting some crappy cell phone pics.

First, SpaRitual Sacred Ground on it's own. I love this polish! Yeah yeah there's tons of greys with shimmery whatever in them now but this was the pioneer and it's amazing. It looks exactly like it does in the bottle on the nail and then it flashes purple and copper and blue gyah I just love it.

But sadly about 10 hours after I put it on I managed to chip it at work (I can never blame the np when it chips at work, I'm so hard on my hands. I'd like to think someday I'll learn to be careful but...yeah I know that's never going to happen) and I was too lazy to take it off so I decided to do a glitter gradient using Wet 'n Wild Bow in my Presence from the Be Jeweled collection (dupes to China Glaze Prismatics). Look, I don't know why I own this. All I know is I was at Meijer one day and saw an untouched display of the Be Jeweled collection and suddenly I'm the owner of all 5. I wasn't even interested in them! Oh hive mind. Anyway, I love the idea of duochrome glitter! This one flashes blue to purple.

The blue? Super easy to capture. The purple? Oh god that bitch would not come out at all on camera. I could see it there on my nail looking all nifty and purpley but my phone had such a hard time picking it up.

You can see it a little bit around the edges in this blurrier photo but it took some finger gymnastics to get a proper purple. I'm so sorry that my hands look like feet and my nails look so unflattering. But look, purple!

Bam bitch! Whatcha think about that? If I wasn't so pleased I finally got it to show up that photo would have been deleted so fast, I'm still in awe of how unattractive my hands look in it.

Oh and sometimes the duochrome glitter almost disappears just leaving the larger multi coloured glitter hanging around.

Overall it's a fun polish although I'm still not sure why I own it since it's very not me. I really want to perform surgery on the brush though, whoever told WnW that they need those hugeass wide brushes for those itty bottles was so on something.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Deborah Lippman Fashion + Nail-Venturous Orange You Unique

My biggest regret with this mani is that I didn't properly take off my previous mani before putting it on although to be fair, I really thought I was going to grab a vampy and we know those hide all flaws. You can see that acid green poking through, don't worry, we'll get to her later.

Fashion was a gift from a lovely lady and I love it so much. I never ever thought I'd love nudes but after the disaster that was my first one (Zoya Pandora, lovely and pink toned and so so so wrong for me) I became determined to find one that worked for me and along the way I just started collecting them.

But of course, I'm me. And I just can't leave well enough alone so I hunted around my untrieds for something to do a quick accent with and saw Orange You Unique from my NinjaPolish order sitting there begging to be tried.

Guys, let me tell you about Nail-Venturous. She created this gorgeously unique np called Floam (yes, like that weird stuff you saw commercials for on Nick in the mid 90s) and it totally hit it big and now she has an etsy shop as well as polishes on Ninja Polish one of which is the orange/blue version of Floam, Orange You Unique. I went a little crazy at her shop debut and now have 5 more coming to me (including Floam! Which was already sold out by the time I placed my Ninja order)

Humm, anyway, put it on one finger. Left it for a day.

And then decided I needed it on alternating fingers. Because that's how I roll.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Deborah Lippman - Don't Tell Mama

Oops, disappeared for a mo' there. I have more NerdLacquers and a bunch of fun bright colours for y'all but I couldn't help but post Don't Tell Mama. I was itching for spring and wore only bright colours for a couple weeks but oh man when I put on this baby it felt like coming home. As much as I love the bright and fun colours, vampies are where my heart lies. It's like when I wear a bright and cute dress, I love it but end of the day I'm more comfortable in the jeans and black shirt.

This was also my first proper DL mani. Picked this beauty up in a swap and finally got around to wearing her and I'm so glad I did. I was sad that the first day I wore it the sun wasn't cooperating so I couldn't pick up the flash but the second day I got it! The formula was lovely although she did take 3 coats but that can be forgiven.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

NerdLacquer Holy Grail over Zoya Kristin

When Amanda reopened her shop for a whole 18 hoursish a few weeks ago I swore I was going to be strong and not order anything since I've still got about 20 minis to swatch but...then Holy Grail and Carbon Allotrope were posted and I think I probably blacked out or something because next thing I know I'm staring at a confirmation e-mail. Still, these are gorgeous and unique and I don't regret it at all.

They came in on Friday looks gorgeous but I just wasn't in the mood for full on glitter so I studied my stash, pulled out Kristin, and decided to try for a glitter gradient. Because of how much you have to wipe down the brush to get that application right I had a hard time grabbing a lot of the large glitter pieces but I still really like the way it turned out. In some lights it all looks like one colour with just some sparkle up by the tips. When I was getting my tattoo coloured yesterday I did a bad and peeled the np off my pinky so I just did a couple layers without the undies as you can see above.

I just love the way these two play together! I'm sad I didn't get any pics showing the holo or the glow in the darkness but I suppose that just means I'll have to wear her again!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

NerdLacquer Exterminate and Aurum

First! How awesome is Ninja Polish? I'm supposed to be on a low low low buy right now and just spent $100 there this morning (but ok about 1/4 of that was for my bunny on the TPF secret bunny exchange but still) including one of their exclusive NerdLacquers, Acid of 1000 Fangs. Sometime once my bank account has recovered and they've recovered from the stampede I'll pick up Eight Gates too. I love that they're based out of Palatine too which is like an hour away from me.

Second! Got some tattoo work done today and it was the most painful 2.5 hours. I don't know, normally once I'm there and getting inked I relax into it and the endorphins kick in and I can just hang out but this hurt. I think it was the location and the full colour instead of just shading. Still it turned out great and hopefully when the house gets done in a few weeks it'll be better since it's lower. The balloons are definitely in a sensitive spot, especially the closer to the ass you get.

Yes, it's the house from Up. Someday in the next few years I'll have all the elements of the dream scene done (the plan for the entire leg is to have a twisted tree with a girl sleeping under it down on my calf with the thigh being her dream scene) and we'll tie it together with clouds and shit so Pooh won't so awkward next to the balloons but that's a ways off.

Whatever, enough babbling, I know what you're interested in. So when I did my Cult Nails Swanbourne/Dollish Polish Toxic Avenger mani, before I took it off I put NerdLacquer Aurum on one hand and Exterminate on the other. The quality isn't great and there's some very very very obvious SV shrinkage but here you go.

I adore Exterminate and can't wait to use it for a proper mani. Daleks are so much fun! I have this shirt from TeeFury so how could I not love Exterminate?

Aurum I'm less in love with. The chemist part of me of course loves it and it's very pretty but it's just not as jaw dropping as some of Amanda's other creations.

I have Holy Grail on right now and I'm really hoping it'll be sunny tomorrow so I can take some proper pics showing the holo. But trust me, it's amaze.