Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Illamasqua Nomad and Stance + Nail-Venturous Floam and Pinkerbell

Wow am I total failboat pseudoblogger! Well there will be spam and some more indie manis as that's my obsession but ho, on to the nails. Last week (maybe? I think it was only last week, time really blurs sometimes) I got out of work on time (a major rarity) and had time to kill before heading to the gym. Ended up at the shopping center between work and the gym and somehow managed to make my way over to Sephora (I know, it's a puzzle). I'd heard they had these fancy schmancy new nail bars at some and low and behold, they did at mine. I was weak and had to pick up Stance and Nomad.
I really wish Sephora sold more Illamasqua than just nail polish. I really like the entire Human Fundamentalism collection and even though I don't wear much makeup, I'd so get it. I just can never stomach the cost of shipping from the UK, not when I can be spending that money on more pretty polishes! Anyway, they looked so pretty together that I just had to do a colour block mani with them.
The formula was lovely on both of these! I'm really in love with Illamasquas now even though I only have 4. I see that number inflating quite a bit in the near future. You can see I broke some nails up there =( Pinky left I got caught in a drawer at home. Middle left I was at a bar and drunk and waving my hand wildly and smashed it right into the table. The nail kinda just caved inward. The boy found it incredibly amusing when I whipped the file out of my wallet and started trying to fix it. I also ruined my thumb right a few days later putting a new regulator on a gas cylinder at work. I'm death to long nails. And yet I can't convince myself to nub so I'm just suffering through the uneveness. Anyway, you know me, can never leave a creme alone so on went the matte glitters! I'm soooooo pleased with how Floam looks with Nomad. I really think it's the perfect base. Pinkerbell on Stance on the other hand? Not so much. I'm really convinced Pinkbell just doesn't work with anything remotely pink. The glitter just gets lost in the base and it ends up looking like a sparse Floam.


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    1. Whoops, wrong polish name in my head!

      I meant "Floam and Nomad should totally get married!" :D

    2. Hee right? I was so stunned when I saw how well they went together. I think people have been trying to match the glitters in Floam too closely and that's why it doesn't work as well, Nomad complements it just right!