Sunday, June 3, 2012

Essie Action + Essie Camera Gradient + Alta Costura Vernis Brightside

Eeek so it's my birthday tomorrow and it looks like this is going to be my birthday mani since I'm far too lazy to change it out and I actually really like it. Ok the right hand is still Essie Camera (with a little something extra) but the left has totally changed. It's a shame I don't have any real birthday plans but eh, it's not like 25 is an important one or anything. Pretty sure those stop after 21 until you hit like 50 or something. Going into the city today for dinner with sister and cousin which should be fun. I'm hoping we hit up Revolution since their beer is fabulous but I haven't been to the brewpub yet. Went to the Two Brothers Hop Juice Fest yesterday with some friends which was also fabulous so I guess it's not a total waste of a birthday weekend... ANYWAY, mani! Right hand; still Essie Camera on the base, added Alta Costura Vernis Brightside accents (is it still an accent when it's 3/5 fingers? Oh well)
Then on the left hand I took off that fail gradient and put on Essie Action which I'm in love with. It's weird, I think VNL is growing on me, maybe it's 'cause my nails are longer?
This is probably the most colour accurate pic I have, some of the next ones will show it as all glowy and awesome and it can look like that in the bright sun but this is definitely how it looks most of the time. Anyway, decided to try out the sponge gradient again and it turned out much better this time! It's really subtle since Camera is a jelly but I love the effect, it looks like a sunset on my nails!
And then of course I had to add Brightside because it's sooooo pretty!
And now I'm just going to bombard you with some pics of both hands together because, well, I really like how they look with each other. I really need to get a tripod so I can take these pics easier. This was a nightmare trying to get the camera to focus on both hands.

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